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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wearing traditional dress a laudable habit

LIKE the relevance and worth of one’s name, traditional attire occupies one of the most important places because of its role in everyday life, its importance for ethnic identity and its value artistically and aesthetically.

Our different attires with their distinct form and decoration, whenever worn, distinguish one’s ethnic identity in our multi-ethnic milieu.

When we wear each other’s dress, on any specific event or even as a practice, we are expressing not only our admiration of it but, more so, articulating our social oneness of unity and harmony in diversity.

Whether it is joining fellow Malaysians in celebrates Aidil Fitri marking the end of Ramadan; tossing yee sang for prosperity during Chinese New Year dinners; or visiting those celebrate the Christmas commemorating the birth of Jesus, or the Deepavali festival of lights or the Vaisakhi festival of the Sikhs;

Only by engaging more closely with each other socially and culturally, can our leaders and citizens better understand the traditions, practices, goals and hopes of individual communities and the nation as a whole.


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