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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wearing traditional dress a laudable habit

LIKE the relevance and worth of one’s name, traditional attire occupies one of the most important places because of its role in everyday life, its importance for ethnic identity and its value artistically and aesthetically.

Our different attires with their distinct form and decoration, whenever worn, distinguish one’s ethnic identity in our multi-ethnic milieu.

When we wear each other’s dress, on any specific event or even as a practice, we are expressing not only our admiration of it but, more so, articulating our social oneness of unity and harmony in diversity.

Whether it is joining fellow Malaysians in celebrates Aidil Fitri marking the end of Ramadan; tossing yee sang for prosperity during Chinese New Year dinners; or visiting those celebrate the Christmas commemorating the birth of Jesus, or the Deepavali festival of lights or the Vaisakhi festival of the Sikhs;

Only by engaging more closely with each other socially and culturally, can our leaders and citizens better understand the traditions, practices, goals and hopes of individual communities and the nation as a whole.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tips for Choosing the best Mens Suit

Mens Suits - Looks GreatNowadays purchasing a mens suits can be frightening and pricey; either it can be a cotton or wool, formal or casual. But you don’t have to spend more than $700 on a suit that looks great and best fit for you. Cheap brands suits are high fashionable, which are more available to the average man.

Before buying the men suits, here are some tips on choosing the right suit which looks you great and best fit for you guys…..

1. First, you should check whether the suit is fit for you or not… Try it from your shoulders and see it looks fit and comfortable, despite what the seller tells you.

2. You can realize your suit have been altered by a good tailor. After all, you're not a fitting mode then your suit needs to be bespoke to your body.

3. At last note it whether the sleeves is shortened and it ends at the turning point of your wrist so a sliver of dress-shirt cuff peaks out.

4. Have the length of the pants altered either too baggy or best fit when you wearing a suit and pant, it gives great look.

5. Know what to wear with your suit. To look simple, choose light colored shirt and dark tie that looks stylish confident to you. If you’re wearing a white dress shirt for your suit, in this case you never go wrong, because which looks luxurious to your body.

6. Summer’s on the way, just go and buy the cotton suit, its available in the variety of styles which you can prefer either as khaki or pinstripe suits.

7. Dry cleans your men suits as possible as, because it preserves the fabric of your suit and remove wrinkles and looks uniqueness among the guys.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Adult pirate costumes for your Halloween dress up

Halloween is one among the most auspicious times of the year that is cherished and celebrated with a lot of spirit all around the world.

Adult Pirate Halloween Costumes

Everyone loves to dress up in some costume or the other on this day, trying to look as realistic as possible and fit pretty well into the character. On this day, everyone around the world irrespective of their age or size dress up in bizarre costumes and party all through the night. Irrespective of which character you dress up as, authenticity is very appropriate and important. At least everyone expects to look as real as the character while they dress up and they put in a lot of effort, money and time to create that appropriate character look.

Children on this same day dress up in children’s costumes and run around the neighborhood playing trick or treat. Trick or treat is a very popular concept. Children visits their neighborhood homes and asks for trick or treat while they are supposed to perform as the character in which they have dressed up as and authenticate their character. In return, neighbors give them sweets, candies and chocolates as treat. Traditionally it is believed that the concept to have originated from the fact that children ought to be treated on this spooky day or they can trick you into a scheme. Some people believe that children could cast a spell or jinx their neighbors with their special magic powers when neighbors fail to treat them. However, this is just a superstitious concept and every household all around the globe cherish the concept with a lot of passion that they always end up treating these kids with chocolates and candies irrespective of whether children performs as the character or not. In fact, every year during Halloween, they see to that they include large quantities of chocolates and candies in their grocery shopping lists. When it comes to costumes, you have two choices. You can either choose to purchase the outfit at retail or wholesale costume shops or you can make your own outfit from your own closet using simple accessories and clothes.

There are also retail shops that rent these costumes instead of selling them which works out all the more cheaper and convenient for you. However, in order to look authentic it is advisable for you to opt for purchasing these costumes which allows you to use them for several years to come or rent these costumes for Halloween instead of making them on your own. Jack Sparrow and Pirates of the Caribbean has been a very popular theme ever since it hit the market. Everyone loves the movie and rejoices Johnny Depp’s performance as Captain Jack Sparrow. The character has some wide base of fanatics as well. So it’s understandable that many would love to dress up as pirates for the upcoming Halloween.

You can find these adult pirate costumes across several websites online and retail stores. However, if you choose to purchase it, it is very important that you purchase it from a reputable store or a website in order to ensure the costume’s quality. These costumes are considerably expensive and no one would like to waste on poor quality costumes. Hence, it is very important that your research thoroughly on the background of the website or store before purchasing or renting these costumes. And always remember to never compromise over quality for cheap price at any given day.